Château Camalote charm, comfort in the midst of nature.

The house was designed within the concept of environmental sustainability and social responsibility. with recycled materials, coming from poles remnants of the grid and remains of revolving doors of banks, as well as handmade bricks. A beautiful house, four-story, built around the trunk of a tree is able to combine the comfort that modern life can offer - with sauna, wine cellar, comfortable accommodations - and the bucolic country life. Clean air invades the lungs, the sound of waterfalls and birdsong caress the ears. To any wall you look, it's art you see. This is the Chateau Camalote.
The reception is at eye level. Welcome Drink complimentary. With champagne in the room table, thoroughly cleaned and decorated with fragrant rose petals
The Château has balconies, solarium, gourmet, private sauna, wine cellar, and a large space for recreation, meditation.
All nine suites have modern air-conditioning refrigeration equipment, and TVs, minibar, queen or king beds. A perfect place for those seeking peace, harmony with nature. A paradise!